Journey with Dear Jane     6 hour Class                                     Level: All

Learn where and how to start your Journey.    You will make several DJ blocks as you learn accurate machine piecing, paper piece and quick cut techniques.


Journey with Dear Jane     2 Day Class                                        Level: All

Enjoy 2 days of fun as you learn accurate machine piecing, paper piece, Y-seams, and hand appliqué. Learn to how to use the DJ software.   Learn tricks to making some of the more difficult blocks such as Papa’s Star and Nan’s Niad.


Hand Appliqué Dear Jane     6 hour class                                   Level: All

You will learn freezer paper and reverse appliqué as you work on the beautiful 4 ½ inch blocks. Perfect curves, sharp points, bias stems and invisible stitches will be covered.


Beginning Hand Appliqué     4 hour                                             Level: Beginner

In this mini class you will work on a simple project as you learn to appliqué


Beginning Hand Appliqué     6 Hour Class                                  Level: Beginner

Using Freezer Paper and Spray Starch learn to make sharp points, perfect circles and bias stems. Laura will show you her tricks to invisible stitches


Machine Quilting     6 Hour Class                                                 Level: All

After this class you will be able to machine quilt your own quilts. We will cover how to mark your quilt, ditch quilting and free motion.


Trapunto by Machine     6 Hour Class                                          Level: Intermediate

Take you machine quilting to the next level.    Learn to do “stuff work” quilting by machine the fast and easy way. You will work on a 16in square that you can make into a pillow or small wall hanging.

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